Charles Leaver is a Master of Cybersecurity

July 15, 2017
Looking at the at his career, one can understand why Charles Leaver is known as someone with a knack for successfully guiding companies into the most innovative position possible. He tends to push the edge of technology and moves his companies into new markets they may never have considered before. Chuck is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of highly-regarded cybersecurity company Ziften, where is has become something of an icon in that specialized field.

Overall, however, Charles Leaver has had a longer tech career than most. In fact, he may be considered something of a pioneer, with his career starting way back in 1982. His experience includes a lot of time working as a trusted advisor for many very important tech companies, but also as an entrepreneur and a senior executive for quite a few others. He also has a slew of experience in sales and management in many tech fields, especially the fast-growing mobile and media sectors. Now, cybersecurity is his realm. He’s very positive about the future of his field, and it is obvious why, when you look at the news.